Andreu Osika

TBTT stems from my interest of combining creative ideas with novel, graphic form. I’ve been designing logos since I was about 10 years old. I used to come up with names for freestyle and skateboard brands: Citric Acid, Mr. Mastodon, Q-tip Revolution, and fill sketchbooks with typefaces, icons, logotypes. Unbeknown to me, I was a designer long before I went to design school and knew what graphic design was.

TBTT is a personal project, an opportunity for me to add my voice to the conversation. My goal will be to offer up a logo redesign project each month (or so) and have the design community provide feedback. I will back up and validate my critique with my own alternative proposals and articulate why ‘this’ may in fact be better than ‘that’.

Currently I am a ux/ui designer based in San Francisco. I focus on full spectrum product UX/UI design, product branding and design system development. I enjoy engaging in big picture design strategy thinking, all the way through to pushing pixels to perfection and everything in between. I am also exploring digital fabrication/additive manufacturing for furniture, jewelry, wearables and home products via an experiment called Artefacture, (my once design centric t-shirt brand). I have been recognized for my graphic, web and industrial design work, which has been published in Young Designers Americas, Graphis, Critique, Communication Arts, International Design, The Boston Globe and Newsweek.

Thanks for visiting and hope you join the conversation!


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